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Journey Clinic specializes in helping women and their partners as they navigate the sometimes-overwhelming experience of early pregnancy.

Journey Clinic focuses on services in the narrow window between suspecting a pregnancy and the first OB prenatal visit. In addition, we assist patients with many aspects of pregnancy that are beyond medical needs.

Journey Clinic’s assessments, advocacy, evidence-based education, nurse consultations, and referrals assist women as they make decisions about their pregnancy options and connect them with resources to meet their specific needs.

Who We Are:

Journey Clinic is a faith based non-profit organization.  At the core of our mission is the principle of caring deeply for everyone and making a difference in our community.  Journey Clinic serves all people regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age or gender.   

Journey Clinic Staff:

Medical Director: Dr. Teresa, OB/GYN

Center Director: Debbie

Executive Director: Tamara. CCNL

Volunteer Patient Advocates and Nurses:

Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. Our nurses are UT licensed RN’s and our Advocates have completed 60+ hours of Journey Clinic Advocate training

Our Free Services:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Nurse consultation
  • Assessments of patient needs
  • Evidence based options education & discussions
  • Medical education for a healthy pregnancy (e.g. eating, things to avoid, help for smoking, drug use, etc.) 
  • A starter bottle of pre-natal vitamins
  • Ultrasound exams  
  • Referrals for:
    • healthcare/prenatal care/ER
    • parenting resources
    • adoption resources
    • domestic violence
    • housing, food, and clothing
    • legal aid
    • mental health care
  • Referrals for patients to post-termination support groups

Services We Refer For-

  • Ongoing pre-natal care
  • Well woman care/annual checkups
  • General medical care (beyond diagnosis and patient advocacy for early pregnancy)

We do not provide termination referrals/services.

A Typical Patient Appointment:

Our patient appointments are approximately 45-60 minutes and include (as needed):

  • The patient working through a Pregnancy Decision Guide
  • A nurse consultation
  • An evidence-based education on pregnancy options of parenting, adoption, and termination
  • A broad assessment of issues related to her potential pregnancy
  • Answering her questions with a focus on medical, psychological, and social concerns
  • An ultrasound for patients who are at least 5-6 weeks pregnant w/o contraindications
  • Healthy pregnancy information and starter bottle of pre-natal vitamins (as appropriate)
  • A discharge summary with patient care plan
  • Referrals for community OB/GYN care
  • Follow up contacts throughout pregnancy to check on healthcare, to assess additional needs and to give additional referrals

Referring patients:

Patients may call: 385-383-7144

Request an appointment here

Walk-ins during clinic hours – Journey Clinic is located at 1937 West 5700 South in Roy (in front of EoS Gym)