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Symptoms of Early Pregnancy – How to Find Out

Women frequently ask me “how can I know if I might be pregnant?” This article describes symptoms of early pregnancy.

Some women keep track of their period regularly, while others do not. The first step in establishing a pregnancy is to know when the first day of your last period was. Smart phones now have apps to track your cycle or many women just make a small mark on a calendar to mark the first day of their period. Tracking this simple part of physical changes is often the most essential part of diagnosing a pregnancy.


A missed period is not the only early sign of pregnancy. Some other symptoms you may or may not experience can include:

  •                 Breast tenderness and/or changes in the color of the nipple
  •                 Spotting, or lighter than normal (for you) bleeding
  •                 Nausea and/or vomiting, especially in the morning
  •                 Frequent mild headaches
  •                 Feeling exhausted even after having a full night’s sleep
  •                 Reacting to normal experiences in more emotional ways than is normal
  •                 Increase in the frequency of urination without any burning or pain. (Burning and pain during urination  can indicate something other than pregnancy).

Not all women experience all signs of pregnancy, but the above signs/symptoms are the most common. If a missed period is the only sign, it is still worthwhile to have a pregnancy test, just to be sure. Early prenatal care is essential to protect and ensure your health.

At Journey Clinic we can help you confirm a pregnancy and discuss your next steps. We can also talk with you about your options, and make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your pregnancy.

–Kathy RN, CNM

Kathy is our Nurse Manager, a RN and Certified Nurse Midwife with more than 13 years of experience with pregnancy.

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