Your Daughter Tells You She Is Pregnant..

Now What?

  • Stay calm. Try not to place obstacles in communication with your daughter by overreacting.
  • Find out the facts. Find out if she really is pregnant, or if she’s just missed her period. Come with her to Journey Clinic, and we can arrange a free pregnancy test and consultation appointment.
  • Talk with her and listen to her.
  • Be there for her. She needs your love and support now more than ever before.
  • Talk with the people who are involved; especially the father-to-be, and his parents. He will need to be involved at all stages.
  • Educate your daughter and yourself on her rights, responsibilities and options. Remember that at any time, you can contact advocates at Journey Clinic for advice and information.
  • Be honest with her and yourself. Own and share at all times how you feel.
  • Don’t pressure her to do what you want. Your daughter has feelings and opinions too; listen to her.


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