Many women believe they are pregnant when they first miss a period. They may experience frustration of having a negative pregnancy test. There are several reasons why women miss periods besides pregnancy, such as other health issues or even stress.

Why the Negative Pregnancy Test?

Stressful event may interrupt a woman’s menstruation cycle. These may include a move, a new job, or even just the fear of being pregnant. Stress can alter hormone levels, such as thyroid hormones or estrogen,that regulate a woman’s period. This is one of the reasons why Journey Clinic offers nurse consultations in addition to a pregnancy test. Sometimes a negative test provides relief from the fear of pregnancy and a women’s period resumes shortly after that news.

In the case of a negative pregnancy test, Journey Clinic offers a repeat pregnancy test within one to two weeks. The nurse will explain other possible reasons for a negative test, such as urine that is too diluted, or the possibility that it is too early for HCG (a hormone indicating pregnancy) to show up in the urine. A second pregnancy test can confirm a negative results. This may reassure the woman if she is not pregnant.

Digging Deeper

But what if the woman suddenly stops having periods?  A woman may skip periods for a long time, like several months. Journey Clinic recommends scheduling an exam and pap smear with an OB/GYN. Or she may need a thyroid test, which Journey Clinic does not provide. Several negative pregnancy tests and no periods for one to two months may indicate another health issue.

The unique mission of Journey Clinic is to provide pregnancy diagnosis and education for women. Especially those who might be facing an unexpected pregnancy. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your options. Call us on 385-383-7144 or click here to schedule an appointment using the scheduler.

Kathy Dreyer, CNM