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Pregnancy Test: What You Need to Know

Pregnancy Test: Wondering What it’s all About?

Have you ever wondered how a home pregnancy test works? Or when is the best time to take a test? You’re not alone.

All pregnancy tests measure a specific hormone called human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is produced around two weeks at conception, which is when the sperm and egg meet. Both a blood test and /or urine test can detect the presence of hCG. Both blood and urine tests are accurate and neither is better than the other.

The blood pregnancy test checks for qualitative measure, which is a positive or negative result. It then determines how much hCG (this is called a quantitative measure) is present. The levels of hCG present in the blood may indicate problems with the pregnancy. Urine pregnancy tests, such as the ones used by Journey Clinic, confirm a pregnancy with the positive or negative result.

For Accurate Results Follow the Instructions

Most tests can detect hCG in small amounts. It is possible to find hCG in urine within days of missing a period. However, when taking a home pregnancy test, it is important to follow the testing directions. This will give the most accurate results. Use the first urine of the day because it contains the highest concentration of hCG.

Following instruction when reading the test results is just as important as following them when taking a test. Home pregnancy tests give you a time frame in which to read the test, most often five minutes. Waiting longer, or reading the test after the testing time frame, may result in a false test result, either negative or positive. If a home pregnancy test is negative the first time you take it, it is possible that it is too early to detect the hCG in your urine. It is a good idea to take another test within 1-2 weeks if you still have not started your period. If you take a test and are unsure of the results, that’s okay. Here at Journey Clinic we can help you by confirming a pregnancy test for you.

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